Eradication Festival 2018!

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Incursionists! WE NEED YOU! In a turn of events Incursion are back in the finals for Mammothfest's Best Band 2018!

We are up against some solid competition in the way of form Metal 2 The Masses winners Agrona and Malum Sky, along with the very awesome Democratus. Now I know what you are thinking, "That sounds like an epic night already" Well boys calm your tits because we're only the start of the festival! Check out the full line up! We recommend sticking around on Thursday because you have Raised By Owls headlining and after playing with them in Bristol the other night they are indeed "Hot and Spicy" others on Thursday include:

Skinned (USA) HeLL PuPPeTs (Mammothfest guest judges) MORIBUND OBLIVION (Turkey)

You can check out the full line up here and click the image to get your tickets!! It's going to be brutal!

#EradicationFestival #Festival #Metal #Death #Industrial #Mosh #Battle

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