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Incursion live!

Incursion live!

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Incursion "The Shrouded"

Incursion "The Shrouded"

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Incursion - Scourge (Official Music Video)

Incursion - Scourge (Official Music Video)

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Origin:  South & West, Wales U.K


Genres:  Metal


Years Active:  2015- Present



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Bio & Music

Incursion: The apocalypse surviving kings of nuclear chaos! Fox, Griff and Grunt joined together through a multiverse portal which was mistaken for a toaster and found the only way to communicate with each other was through sonic sounds and vibrations, more commonly known as metal!

The trio recant their tales and adventures through the apocalypse to the ever growing army of Incursionists, and have performed with the likes of Otep, Psychostick, Make The Suffer & Red Method in this dimension, and some mentionable names from the other universe too such as: Copper Gentleman, MajorBerth, WoodLicker, Sleighar, GodChauffeur, Kevin Citystart and Nirvana.

Incursion have worked their way across the UK gaining a loyal following which in turn has granted us endorsement from such companies as "Blackstar Amplification" & "Vocalzone". Gaining control of an abandoned radio tower, Incursion have also been featured on BBC radio, Kerrang, Hard Rock Hell and many more internationally!

With a high energy show with plenty of crowd interaction and biscuits, Incursion are a band of misfits that have fun with crowds in their own unique way!


"...just screams circle pit. Scourge is a pretty immediate how do you do from these Rhondda ragers, throw down! 7/10" 

Musipedia Of Metal

"Fox gets the crowd chanting, then, with a voice dripping with poison, screams, “F*cking GO!” Absolute perfection of a live performance, Incursion left me pumped with adrenalin!"

Lydia Brookes - Rockwell Unscene Magazine

"Incursion play an unworldly style of thrash that mixes numerous influences but at times flickers between Machine Head, Devildriver and Strapping Young Lad. Mixing the set up with some humour"

Matt Bladen

"Their music is just amazing! And so is their stage presence. Their aesthetic is ever so relatable at the moment too, these guys were making the apocalypse cool even before we hit it!"

Sinistar Studios

"My mother was in that pit"

Someone's Son

"Thunderously heavy, the humour and crowd interaction are still very much in evidence, but Incursion can play some bone crushing metal and didn’t disappoint"

"...the three emerged on stage in their battle garb, and hit through a knockout set which struck all the right chords."

Paul Hutchings M.O.M

"They're alright"

Gareth James - Facebook

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